John Wick (2014)

Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

With John Wick: Chapter 2 currently out in movie theaters, you might be curious about the original John Wick movie. If “Chapter 2” is anything like the original, you may want to stay home and save your money. The original John Wick is so bad, I could not even watch it until the end. The wooden Keanu Reeves mumbles his way through this repetitive and excessively-violent movie while shooting about four thousand people with annoying techno-music cranked as a supposed soundtrack. Hollywood must not have thought to pay actual writers for this mind-numbingly inane plot. There . . . I have just saved you two hours of your life by NOT recommending this movie.

Located in Adult DVDs (DVD JOHN)


One thought on “John Wick (2014)

  1. Jennifer is right about the first “John Wick” movie. I watched it with my husband on a rainy afternoon. I would have been better off staring at the rain: excessive violence, poor acting, lousy dialog. How would anyone want to finance a second?

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