Space Case by Stuart Gibbs


Reviewed by Melissa Beck (Library Staff)

This is the story of a 12-year-old boy who gets caught up in solving a murder mystery. Oh, yeah…and he lives on the moon. While the premise may seem (literally) far-fetched, this tale is surprisingly (not literally) down-to-earth.

Dash Gibson lives with his family on a lunar space station as part of the Moon Base Alpha program to begin colonization on the moon. The well-researched setting offers an intriguing layer to the mystery, as the close-knit colony of people is extremely limited in number and comings and goings are practically nonexistent.

The pacing is stellar, as is the middle school humor (we learn a lot about space toilets), and I think Gibbs especially excels at making the reader feel right at home in space. Overall, Space Case is a family-friendly whodunit that I highly recommend.

Located in Children’s Fiction (J FIC GIBBS)


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