Everything On a Waffle by Polly Horvath


Reviewed by Melissa Rader (Library Staff)

I just finished the most adorable and heartwarming book by Polly Horvath. In it we meet eleven-year-old Primrose Squarp whose parents have been lost at sea and she is shuffled around to live with various residents in her Canadian seaside town. Despite her situation, Primrose remains remarkably and authentically upbeat, making observations and collecting recipes (which she includes at the end of each chapter). Despite the short amount of time that you get to spend with them (only 150 pages!), the idiosyncratic characters come to life and sidle right up next to your heart.

It is practically an oldie at this point (published in 2001!) but it has definitely survived the changing landscape of children’s literature. Unflappable heroine Primrose Squarp reminded me of Mo LoBeau in Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage with a dash of Flora Belle Buckman from Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. If you have a special young reader in your life, you couldn’t go wrong putting this book in her hands.

PS–Last night I made the Lemon Sugar Cookie recipe on page 30 and they are DELICIOUS!

Located in Children’s Fiction (J FIC HOR)


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